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20 Farmhouse Style St. Patrick’s Day Decor Finds

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So you want to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day, but you still want your house to have farmhouse style? Here are 20 Farmhouse Style St. Patrick’s Day Decor Finds!

I love adding a few pieces throughout my home to celebrate holidays.

For St. Patrick’s day, I found 20 Farmhouse Style St. Patrick’s Day Decor Finds – from Amazon!

I wanted to share them with you in case you felt like adding some lucky green inspired items around your home.

20 Farmhouse Style St. Patrick’s Day Decor Finds

20 Farmhouse Style St. Patrick's Day Decor Finds

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Clover Door Hanger 
  2. Green Candlesticks
  3. Burlap Lace Runner 
  4. Luck Green Blocks
  5. Pot of Gold Home Sign
  6. Boxwood Ball 
  7. Green Burlap Throw Pillow 
  8. Shamrock Distressed Sign
  9. Hydrangea Wreath 
  10. Green Mason Jar Bathroom Set 
  11. Green Moss Covered Stones 
  12. Throw Pillow Cover
  13. Hearth and Hand Candle
  14. Lucky Burlap Banner
  15. Shamrock Towels 
  16. Shamrock Coasters 
  17. Shamrock Ceramic Serving Bowl 
  18. Rich Green Throw Blanket 
  19. Luck of Irish Box Sign
  20. Boxwood Garden Centerpiece 

20 Farmhouse Style St. Patrick's Day Decor Finds

Do you decorate for holidays like St. Patrick’s Day?

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    This post was very original! Thanks for all the work you put into it. I need (want) several these great items! Thanks again .

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