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15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow

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We’re so happy to have Kristi from Making it in the Mountains here to share this 15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow!

Hello, hello! I’m so excited to be popping in again from Making it in the Mountains, where I blog about our journey to transform our first fixer-upper! Y’all might remember that we took part in the One Room Challenge last Fall, creating the {farmhouse master bedroom} of our dreams. I actually shared a few of our projects here at AKA like this DIY Trumeau Mirror and our DIY Faux Fireplace (one of my all time faves!).

Making over one room from top to bottom, in just six weeks was an absolute whirlwind to say the least. In fact, we were in such a rush to get things done on time that we may have had to compromise on a few small details – like a curtain rod that didn’t quite arrive in time, some doorknobs that finally showed up on my doorstep the day after the big reveal went live and the perfect throw pillows that I never did find.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom | www.makingitinthemountains.com
I hunted high and low for weeks for some pretty white throw pillows to toss onto our beautiful chairs. But alas, nothing I came across was quite right and I certainly didn’t want to spend a small fortune on something that I didn’t love. #firstworldproblems

And so, I’ve continued on with the perfect pillow hunt everyday since, but still hadn’t yet found “the ones”.

Hmmmm. So, what’s a gal to do?

Why, make her own of course!

Okay, so I’m no master seamstress. But I did create these awesome custom lined drapes for our bedroom. And really, I’m pretty sure if I can make those, I can make almost anything, right?!

15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow

This pretty pom pom pillow was SO easy to make, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner! These instructions may look daunting (especially to someone that doesn’t know a thing about sewing – like me!), but honestly, it took me less than 15 minutes to whip this little pillow up.

15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow www.makingitinthemountains.com



Cutting fabric

1. I started with a bit of white linen fabric (my fabric was actually a couple of tea towels I found at Target for a steal!), a string of pom pom trim and a feather pillow insert that I picked up at IKEA. The first step was to measure my pillow insert. I measured across the middle (aka the widest part of the pillow), from one edge to the other, to make sure I wouldn’t have any trouble squishing my pillow into it’s new cover. My pillow measured 20″ square.

2. Now that I knew how big my cover needed to be, it was time to cut the fabric. I cut one piece of linen to 21″ square, adding an extra inch to my pillow size to allow for 1/2″ seams all the way around. For the back of the pillow, I cut a second piece of fabric that was 21″ wide like the first, but an extra 4″ long (25″ for me) – this would give me the fabric I’d need to create an envelope closure to insert/ remove the pillow from it’s cover. Lastly, I cut that longer back piece in half, making sure that I maintained that 21″ width (creating two pieces that measured 12.5″ x 21″).

15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow www.makingitinthemountains.com
And then my friends, it was time to start sewing!


1. I started by hemming the middle edges of my backing, creating a nice finished edge for that envelope closure that would eventually overlap. With the wrong side facing up, I simply folded that “middle” edge down a 1/2 inch, and then over itself another 1/2 inch and stitched a quick line across it all to hold it in place. Then, of course, I did the same with the other half.

15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow www.makingitinthemountains.com
2. For the front, I simply stitched my pom pom trim to the right side of my 21″ x 21″ square. I went about 1/4″ in from the outside edge, to make sure that the trim would be hidden inside the pillow when all was said and done.

It’s important to note that the pom poms need to be directed toward the inside of the fabric, this way everything will be facing the right way when it’s all stitched together and flipped right side out.

15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow www.makingitinthemountains.com
3. Finally, it was time to put it all together. With right sides facing one another, I attached the top piece of the back – sewing only around the outer edges (leaving that hemmed side free). Stitching a 1/2 inch in from the outer edge, I went around those three sides. Then, I did the same with the bottom piece as well.

You’ll notice the pom poms end up inside the pillow case, this is exactly what you want!

You’ll also notice, the bottom piece of the back will overlap that top piece, this is also a good thing – you’ve got yourself a nice little envelope that won’t gape open once you’ve got your pillow stuffed inside.

15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow www.makingitinthemountains.com

15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow www.makingitinthemountains.com
And that’s it friends!

A super easy, super cute, 15 minute throw pillow! I’m guessing these instructions will likely take you longer to read than it will to sew the actual pillow!

15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow www.makingitinthemountains.com

15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow www.makingitinthemountains.com

15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow www.makingitinthemountains.com

15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow www.makingitinthemountains.com

15 Minute Pom Pom Pillow www.makingitinthemountains.com
I’m so excited about this sweet little pillow! It really couldn’t look more perfect in our lovely {farmhouse master bedroom}!

Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

Thank you, Kristi, for sharing this tutorial with us!

What adorable pillows, yes?! Don’t they add a lovely texture to the space?



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  1. Shannon,
    Your pillow looks great. You did a fine job and it looks so nice on your wheat colored chair. Good job!!!!

    Carol P-K