In this Post: There are many common beginner homeschool mistakes that almost everyone makes as they try to create a great homeschooling experience. This article has brought together some of the most common mistakes beginner homeschoolers make and how to avoid them.

Are you about to begin homeschooling? You are about to embark on one awesome ride! But before you get deeper into that, there are several beginner homeschool mistakes that almost everyone makes and this post will show you how to avoid them.

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15 Beginner Homeschool Mistakes…and How to Avoid Them!

1. A disorganized school room

If you have a disorganized school room, you will find It hard to find the materials and supplies that you need for your learning sessions. Learn to organize them as this will reduce the time you spend looking for important materials. A good tip would be to organize things well with baskets.

2. Comparing your kids to others

You could be having a kid who is struggling with writing whilst a neighbor has a kid (in the same level) who can write in Cyrillic. Do not compare them. Every child has their own learning curve. It would be unwise to push them to learn faster to cope with the expectations of the society. It will only be adding pressure to the poor kid.

3. Not seeking support

Today, beginner homeschoolers can get massive support from lots of places. Seek the input of those who have been there and done that successfully. They will provide invaluable information about how to deal with a variety of issues when they crop up. And they will.

4. Not turning failure into learning opportunities

Whilst we try to avoid failure most times, it can be a wonderful learning opportunity for our kids. Let them fail at times and then correct them, making sure they learn from that. They will be less likely to repeat the same mistake in future.

5. Isolating your kids

Do not isolate your kids from others in the community. Let them interact. There are human connections that cannot be made or learned from a homeschooling set up. Isolating your kids will work against them in the long run.

6. Overspending on curriculum materials

Do you know what is the best curriculum material to buy when you are a beginner homeschooler? Probably not. That is why you need to seek counsel and learn about this before you rush to the bookshop to spend thousands of dollars on the material your kids won’t need.

7. Ignoring the input of your children

You kids have a voice and a right to air their opinion on a number of matters. After all, they are the ones getting homeschooled, not you. As long as their suggestions are not ridiculous and they contributing to their learning process, encourage them to speak.

8. Do not skip breaks to shorten your learning day

Some parents rush their kids through sessions so that they can have ‘the afternoon off’ or ‘the rest of the day off.’ It’s a mistake. The learning process should be broken down into bits and with breaks in between to allow the brain synthesize and absorb what they learned. Kids will feel refreshed and ready to continue learning after a break.

9. Not asking or answering questions

You will need to ask a lot of questions to gauge whether the kids have understood what you teach them. Be prepared to answer a barrage of questions as well. This encourages a healthy engagement and a good learning atmosphere.

10. Having unrealistic expectations

Do not expect your kid to be solving trigonometric equations in the first year of study. Be realistic, follow the curriculum and cover the basics first. You will make more headway this way while avoiding stress at the same time.

11.  Neglecting other family members

Do not put your marriage in jeopardy by neglecting your partner. Most beginner homeschoolers rush into this 120%, forgetting that there are other members of the family who need them too.

12. Getting distracted easily

Avoid easy distractions. Switch off TVs and place phones away from the learning area. This will minimize distractions to your learning session.

13. Not connecting with other homeschoolers

You are not alone. Link up with others and find out how they manage. You will be surprised to find a quick solution for an issue that had been bothering you for some time.

14. Being Rigid

Many beginner homeschoolers are rigid. It’s their way or the highway. You need to learn how to be flexible. Allow other people to critique your methods and change into what is most effective.

15. Forgetting what fun is

Are you too engaged in your homeschooling experience you forgot what fun was? Most beginner homeschoolers are caught in this trap. Relax. It’s never that serious. Have some fun. It’s easier to deliver when you feel relaxed and great.

I could go on and on. Beginner homeschoolers feel pressurized to deliver and transform their kids into super-performers overnight. Relax. Learn from these tips and many others out there and prepare yourself for a fantastic homeschooling experience!

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If you’re an experienced homeschool parent, what other tips can you think of for new homeschoolers?

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