10 No-Commitment Ways to Add Color to Your Decor – Without Painting!

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If you tire of a color quickly like I do, here are ten no-commitment ways to add color to your decor, without painting!

Look at photos of any of the rooms in our home and you’ll see that I’m a ‘neutrals girl’ through and through. You see, I’m afraid of committing to any one color because I know myself well enough to know that I tire of color very quickly. And it can seem very jarring to me to have bursts of color around the room.

For those reasons, I prefer to decorate with neutral colors. I paint walls in neutrals because while a wall can be painted over, such as when one accidentally chooses the wrong color, it can mean a lot of extra work. I prefer to choose neutral-colored furniture too so there’s a neutral base to work with when I want to change things up, as I inevitably do.

But that doesn’t mean I NEVER want color in my space. Personally I crave a little more color in the late winter when everything is incredibly blah outside or in the heat of summer when refreshment is needed.

So how does one add color without committing to any one or two colors for the long haul?

By using a handful of these 10 no-commitment way to add color to your decor, of course!

If you tire of a color quickly like I do, here are ten no-commitment ways to add color to your decor, without painting!

10 no-commitment way to add color to your decor, of course!

1. Add flowers

Cut flowers not only add some life and organic shapes to your room, they can also add a splash of color whenever the mood strikes. Grocery store blooms are very inexpensive for those with a small budget. But kudos to you if you find and make friends with the local florist who will create a bouquet from in-season blooms to suit any budget! Or you could even go faux, and make your own reusable arrangement!

faux florals in crate centerpiece

2. Trust the faithful throw pillow

Throw pillows come in all shapes and sizes and can generally be found rather economically if you’re willing to look. I like to buy the Ikea feather throw pillow inserts and then just swap out the covers with ones from etsy or Society6 when the mood strikes.

3. Add banners or bunting

DIY bunting or store-bought banners not only add a splash of color, they can also make your home feel more festive, cheerful and whimsical too. Which is perfect if those are some of the desired feelings you want your home to convey!

4. Fill your home with plants

If you’re are far more talented than I and have a green thumb instead of a black one, plants can add color and cleaner air to your home too.

5. Add colorful art

There are so many places you can find downloadable and printable art these days – including our own etsy shop – that it’s easy to swap out prints in frames whenever you feel like adding a splash of color – or even a different saying – to your walls or surfaces, without painting.

Antler Embroidery Hoop Art

6. Display your books

There’s been quite the trend lately of either wrapping books in plain paper or turning them backwards, spine in, to help them blend in better. But if you’re looking to up some color and you own those books anyway, you might as well put them on display.

7. Add wallpaper – of the removable type!

If you’ve got a little more time on your hands, and don’t mind the work, removable wallpaper may just be the ticket to a more colorful space without the scary commitment of a permanent wallpaper. Try applying to just a single wall to draw attention to it, or apply it to a thin MDF panel, mounting it to the wall and completing it with a bit of trim.

8. Cozy up with throw blankets

The companion of throw pillows, throw blankets can be heavy or light depending on the season and are even easier to switch out than other colorful accents. Bonus – they fold up pretty compact for storage.

9. Switch out a rug

I know, area rugs can sometimes be expensive. But they don’t have to be – especially given that they endure a lot of abuse underfoot. Rugs USA and Wayfair both have plenty of inexpensive area rugs that can pack a punch of color, or blend in with their neutral surroundings.

farmhouse living room ektorp chairs and grey fireplace

10. Change the curtains

If you’re craving a more colorful space, you can always hang colorful curtains. For a pop of inexpensive color, use curtain ring clips and hang anything from flat sheets to scarves to painted drop cloths.

So as you can see, if you’re a neutral lover like me, or if you’re just on a budget, you can add, take away and swap out whatever colors you like easily with these 10 No-Commitment Ways to Add Color to Your Decor!

When do you feel the need to add a little color to your rooms? What colors are your favorites to use?


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