In this post: Homeschool in an easy, fun and engaging manner with these homeschool hacks. Every homeschooler should utilize these tips to create a great and memorable homeschooling experience.

How do you make homeschooling easier, less engaging and less boring? Easy, by being creative! With a few homeschool hacks, tricks and tips, you can transform your homeschooling experience to an enjoyable one.

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10 Awesome Homeschool Hacks

01. Educate yourself first

You have to know what you are doing. This means you have to educate yourself first on matters to-do homeschooling.

Learn from others, talk to local education officers and learn as much as you can. This will get you well prepared to know how to go about homeschooling your kids.

02. Encourage debate and discussion with/among your kids

Let the kids talk. Let them learn to engage and air their opinion and defend their stand.

This will enable them to grow to be confident and be able to engage in interesting debates making the house livelier and fun. Encourage them to initiate conversations.

03. Keep school supplies accessible

Make school supplies accessible to kids. Encourage them to use them without being prompted.

Do not worry about waste (though you should address this as soon as you see it happen) and let them learn and discover things by themselves.

04. Concentrate on the basics

Do not rush your kids’ education. Maintain a good pace but ensure that you cover the basics completely.

These basics form the foundation and if not well covered, they might slow down learning in later years.

05. Have older siblings teach younger ones

Let the older siblings read to the younger ones or teach them elementary or whatever topic they wish.

This enhances their confidence in the topic. And it makes them look like Superman/woman in the eyes of the younger ones!

Our kids learned to tie their shoes together, ride their bikes together, read together and fill out their first job applications together. 

06. Get the right material for the right class

For instance, if you are learning about geography, secure a globe from the local bookshop.

Kids like visuals and that is why they will remember better where Germany is on the globe if you point it out to them than if you just told them it is ‘Thousands of miles away, In Europe.’

Get a skeleton for the biology class and label it well. Things like that make the learning – and teaching process – so much easier!

07. Use décor that forms part of learning

If possible, find décor that can form an extension of the learning process.

For instance, you can get drapes for the kids’ room containing numbers, or colorful alphabets or map of the world. This will be like learning subconsciously as they are surrounded by materials that complement what they learn in class.

08. Find a conducive learning place

I can guarantee you that no much learning will occur in front of the TV.

Find a quiet and airy space to set up your school.

You can transform your garage, or shed or allocate a room within the house for this specific purpose. Ensure that there are few distractions to disrupt this process.

09. Create breaks to reduce pressure

Kids need breaks. You will be surprised at how a seemingly tough topic became easy to understand after a short break.

Be consistent with these breaks and do not rush them. They will make the learning process fun.

10. Have the kids help around the house

Get kids to help you in the house whenever possible.

Put the kids to work by giving them chores and responsibilities in the house. Hold them accountable to them. They will establish a sense of responsibility and make things easier for you in the process.

More Homeschooling Resources & Ideas

With these tricks and more, you will find homeschooling easy and fun. You may have other hacks that enable you to homeschool your kids and we would love to know what works for you as well.

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